Here, the Hidalgo Early College District shares how it expanded early college to all students.

Introduction to Hidalgo Independent School District »

Welcome to the Hidalgo Independent School District, a rural district of nearly 4,000 students in South Texas on the Mexican border. In 2005, we made a commitment: all of our students, not just a select group, would earn college credits before graduating from high school.

Building Strong College Partnerships »

Many high schools and colleges collaborate for years with little to show for it. Early college provides a concrete objective for these collaborations: preparing and supporting all students in earning college credits while in high school so they enter college with no need for remediation.

Operating and Financing an Early College District »

To adopt a districtwide early college approach, we worked to develop a financial infrastructure supportive of early college. We have contained costs by reviewing our finances and shifting some resources to support and align with an early college mission.

Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Talent »

As leaders of an early college district, we have learned to play a variety of roles and take on many challenges in supporting every student to succeed in college. In doing so, we have found that part of being a leader is empowering all of our staff to adopt new roles and take leadership as well.

Aligning Courses and Career Pathways for College Success »

It takes time and persistence to align curriculum between K-12 schools and colleges. For early college districts, curriculum alignment may be the most important transformation but also the most difficult to achieve.

Creating a College-Going Culture »

Here in Hidalgo, our college-going culture is mostly easily witnessed through the banners that hang throughout our schools and the college shirts our students wear. But our students, teachers, and parents know that its core runs deeper: its foundation is built on the opportunities and supports we provide for each student to experience success in college coursework.

Developing Comprehensive Student Supports »

As an early college district, we support every student in earning college credits--from the highest achiever to the lowest-ranked student in the class. If we expect every student to tackle college, we know we also must offer the intensive academic support and college and career guidance needed to bolster their success.

Engaging Family and Community »

Sometimes, reforms are brought into districts without community and family support. If teachers and principals are unfamiliar with the surrounding neighborhoods, and parents do not feel comfortable coming into schools to ask questions, then schools can become isolated islands.

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